Carpe Diem is a Latin phrase which is popularly translated as “seize the day”. IIM Calcutta, the dream destination for many and undeniably one of the most vibrant of the campuses in the country proudly present Carpe Diem 2018, the Annual Cultural Festival, with three awesome days full of fun-filled activities, events, and performances which most definitely will make you go “WOW!!” 

Brand Carpe Diem is based on three main pillars which form an integral part of our ideology as a festival and shapes our vision:- 

Audience – Provide three awesome days of entertainment to the Audience. 

Partners – Create true value for our partners. 

Organizing Team – Real-time management exercise which could help them hone and test their managerial skills. 

As we usher into a new edition of Carpe Diem, we invite you to become part of this cult and enjoy an experience of a lifetime. 


60+ Events

400+ Colleges

100+ Sponsors

250K+ Website Hits

2500+ Participants

15000+ Footfall

500+ Winners