“Fashion is about something that comes from within you” ― Ralph Lauren.

Do you breathe, live and dream Fashion? Have you been watching award shows and pageants all your life and rehearsing to give your thank you speech to the sea of the excited audience? RAZZMATAZZ presents you the platform to impress the world with your imagination and your oomph factor – to be different and to be irreverent. Seize this chance to conquer the fashion world. Irrespective of whether you are an amateur designer, modeling enthusiast or a fashion buff – this is your chance to claim the title of the next fashion icon.


  1. The event is open only to college students and there can be multiple teams from single college
  2. There will be two rounds of evaluation. They will be held on a stage in an open venue. Round-1 will be during the daytime and Round-2 during evening on the same day
  3. Team size should not be less than 8 members and should not exceed 16 members including designers (max 3); an extra member for playing and managing the soundtrack is allowed
  4. Teams will have to arrange for their own make-up artists, but they will not be counted as team members
  5. All the participants are required to kindly carry their ID cards while coming for the event
  6. The team has to occupy the stage for a minimum of 8 minutes to maximum of 10 minutes with 2 minutes of grace inclusive of set-up time and introduction
  7. Teams will be penalized for not adhering to the time limits
  8. No brand display on the clothes of the participants will be allowed
  9. Use of hazardous materials, fire, water, pets etc. is not allowed, unless prior permission is taken from organizing team
  10. The team should inform the organizers beforehand if they are planning on using any props for the event, and can use them only on approval by the Carpe Diem team
  11. The organizers are not responsible for any theft/loss of belongings
  12. All teams need to register to participate in the event
  13. All registered teams need to send some documents regarding their designs and soundtrack, which will be communicated soon


  1. This round is a theme based round. The following themes are selected for this year:
    Bollywood: Dress up and walk like your favorite Bollywood characters. You can choose characters from one or from multiple movies
    Indian Cultures: Exhibit different Indian cultures through your attire & attitude
    Kabila: Let your creative bugs time travel in primitive era and blaze the ramp by exhibiting tribal (Kabilas) or primitive culture
  2. The teams have to select any one of them
  3. Duration (per team): 10-12 mins (including stage entry-exit and setup)


  1. Theme: Choice of the team
  2. Duration (per team): 12-14 mins (including stage entry-exit and setup)


Aishwarya Lakshmi Kar +91 8895507071

Rahul Tak +91 8107604606

Juhi Belani +91 9867506969


First – INR 45,000

Second – INR 35,000

Best Male Model – INR 5,500

Best Female Model – INR 5,500

Best Make-up Artist – INR 4,000

Best Designer – INR 4,000