Like a spark that ignites a flame, music inspires us to achieve greatness. Every year IIM Calcutta invites the best bands from across the country to create music and battle for supremacy. Carpe Diem proudly brings to you Armageddon 2018 – The Rock Band competition.


  1. Bands will be provided with a standard drum kit and full sound system
  2. Bands will have to bring their own musical instruments and special effects (Pedals, etc.)
  3. Bands need to tell us in advance if they have some unique basic requirement (e.g. the drummer being left-handed etc.) so that we can make necessary arrangements
  4. Every passage of the allotted period shall be signaled by a ring of the bell
  5. It is advised that bands adhere to the time limit allotted to them, failing which marks shall be heavily deducted
  6. There will be no language restrictions on the entries
  7. Bands may be required to send an Audio/Video recording, based on which they will be shortlisted for the competition
  8. Professionals will be handling the judging of the event
  9. Judging Criteria: Song structure, Stage presence, Originality and innovation, Crowd interaction
  10. The decision of the judges/organizers will be final and all binding
  11. The organizers are not responsible for any theft/loss of belongings
  12. Any damages to the equipment provided shall be paid for by the band responsible for the damages
  13. Carpe Diem will not be held responsible for the failure of any instrument
  14. Carpe Diem reserves the right to make any last-minute changes in the rules, and disqualify a participating band on grounds of misconduct or obscenity


  1. Team Size: At least 3 Members
  2. Bands can perform any song of their choice. It can either be an original composition or a cover from one of the following genres: Metal, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Folk, Fusion
  3. Event format: Sound Check (10 minutes), Preliminary Round (10 minutes), Final Round Time Limit: 20 minutes (on and off stage)


Preeti Maurya +91 8698401356

Prateek Bansal +91 9789099988


First – INR 40,000

Second – INR 20,000

Third – INR 10000