Passage of time and Change are two irrevocable laws of Mother Nature, the very essence of life. At Carpe Diem, since its inception, we have striven to ensure that this change is positive, especially for those around us who are not as fortunate as we are. Motivated and youthful people are the foremost harbingers of such Parivartan. We hence reach out to the students across the country to bring the wave of Parivartan around them and help in creating a holistic and fulfilling society for all. Winning here doesn’t just mean getting the prize money but the change one can see in him/herself.


The tasks list can be downloaded from HERE.


  1. The event will run from 15th December 2017 to 30th January 2018
  2. Participation will be in teams of maximum 8
  3. A list of tasks will be provided. The team can decide which tasks they want to complete
  4. The range of points will be indicated for each task. The points awarded will be proportional to the efforts put in by the team
  5. Required proofs will also be indicated for each task. The email id for submission is Subject of the email should be “Carpe Diem Parivartan ”. Deadline for submissions is 30th January 2018, 8pm
  6. Winning teams will be decided based on the points earned. Only tasks which have been completed and the proofs submitted within the deadline shall be accepted for allocation of points. Part completion shall not be considered under any circumstance
  7. Any decision by Carpe Team regarding allocation of points will be final and binding


Prateek: +91-8802593486

Shalini: +91-9650594096

Sumath: +91-7736540800

Priyamvada: +91-7510294695

Debanjana Konar +91-9619120637


1st – INR 30,000
2nd – INR 15,000
3rd – INR 7,000