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Razzmatazz : Fashion event

"Fashion is about something that comes from within you" Ralph Lauren Do you breathe, live and dream Fashion?

Mr & Ms Carpe Diem

We are all unique in our own way. Think yours is a personality that can stand out? Do you fancy yourself as someone ?

Drape the Ape : Mannequin competition

If creativity has always been your forte, here is a competition for you. We will provide you with the inputs you may need.


Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It's the rhythm of your life.

Duet Dance

The duo dance competition of Carpe Diem witnesses unprecedented levels of chemistry and camaraderie shared between two people on a dance stage.

Solo Dance

The battle for individual glory in dance as never seen before. Pick up a dance form - any dance form - and show us your moves

Street dance

Rock the world with the thumps and jumps, head stands and head rolls, the floor is all yours

Halla bol : Street play

Carpe Diem provides you a creative platform to raise your concerns and make the crowd think. Come and showcase the creativity in you against the odd of not having a stage set.

Abhinay : Stage play

With the stage set, showcase the grace and finesse of your acting skills. Let the actor and the star in you come out with our flagship theatre event


Mimicry is the only form of copying that doesnt result in punishment and is appreciated by everyone. Mimicry need not be limited just to vocal variation, instead it can also be made a treat to watch by dressing up like the person to be mimicked

Armageddon : Battle of bands

Like a spark that ignites a flame, music inspires us to achieve greatness. Every year IIM Calcutta invites the best bands from across the country to create music and battle for supremacy.

Raagmala : (Classical) Solo/Duet

Classical music is believed to soothe the soul. Do you have it in you to enthral the audience and touch their soul with your singing skills? Carpe Diem proudly brings to you Raag Mala 2018 Classical Music Competition

Joka Idol : (Non classical) Solo/Duet

Got some awesome singing skills and want to show them off? Carpe Diem provides you the best platform to connect with audience and showcase your singing skills.

Tarang : Musical instrument event

Come, enthrall the crowd at Carpe Diem with your favourite musical instrument. Play your heart out and let the emotions flow. Compete with the best musicians from across the country and display your mettle.

Carpe Open quiz

This wil be a general quiz with prelims and final rounds open to all registered students


Take a stand. Pick a side. Its a battle of Words. Of Wit. Of Pride At the Carpe Diem Debate, its all about clarity, not white noise. The stage is set, the mics await your voice.

The alternate dimension

Always thought the Final Harry Potter Duel couldve been better? That Sauron Died too easily? Have a cataclysmic Game of Thrones end already in your mind? What if McDreamy never moved to Seattle?


Gear up for a bonanza of fun, give your brains a thrilling run. Should you let your focus bounce, Your competitors shall make a pounce. Are you ready to do sixty seconds of non-stop talking with no repetition and deviation?

The Fandom MUN

Think you have the diplomatic capabilities to solve the world’s political scenarios? Think you can do it in a literary scenario, where the ending is known?

LAN Gaming

Counter strike and FIFA are available here

Joka Roadies : Roadies redefined

Life is either a great adventure or nothing" Hellen Keller Are you the adrenaline junkie who loves living life on the edge? At Carpe diem we provide you an opportunity to test both your mind and body to become the winner.


The most important single thing beyond discipline and creativity is daring to dare. Let your body loose and experience the adrenaline rush of the quest to challenge your own limits.

Photography Events

Themed Photography and Weave A Story are events under photography category

Carpe Diem BasketBall Tournament-2019

The tournament is open for internal (IIM-C students) as well as external participants

Carpe Diem Futsal Tournament-2019

The tournament is open for internal (IIM-C students) as well as external participants

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